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We have classes to get you through the holidays. Email musictogetheradmin@gmail.com to register.

Maplewood- 12/11, 12/12 at 930am, 12/13 at 10am

Millburn- 12/10, 12/17 at 930am, 12/14 at 11:15am

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Take advantage of the new drop-in option. Want to take a few extra clases per week? Or, you are waiting for the next session to start and want to take a few classes? Click here: https://musicandmorewithkelly.com/dropins.aspx

Why Play is so Important

Children Teach Themselves Through Play

Please enjoy this information on Play and why it is so important. One of Music Together®'s main components is that children learn from play. This is why our classes have a  loosely structured format to allow children to explore and express freely. It is also why the caregiver as role model (play modeler) is so crucial to their learning.