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We are offering Music Together® ONLINE classes LIVE via Zoom. There will be a $15/family fee for individual live online 25 minute music classes. You can register here for daily classes.


NEW! Pre-recorded content for your convience is also available at an affordable rate/month. Click here to purchase 4 weeks of unlimited pre-recorded content for $100. Include 3 new 15 minute classes and 2 song shorts per week. One free live music class per week will be included as well.


Your EMAIL is where you will find information and updates, so please make sure to subscribe to receive emails if you are not subscribed.


FREE digital download code with your online registration! The Maracas Songbook music code will be sent to you via email shortly after your registration and is available for registrants through the last week of June.


Best to all! Thank you for your loyalty, support, confidence, and patience as we go through this trying time.


Take advantage of the new drop-in option. Want to take a few extra clases per week? Or, you are waiting for the next session to start and want to take a few classes? Click here: https://musicandmorewithkelly.com/dropins.aspx

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