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Fall Schedule is open.

Fall Dates:

Thursday 9/14-12/7, no class 9/21, 11/9, 11/23

Friday 9/15-12/8 no class 9/22, 11/10, 11/24

Saturday 9/16-12/9 no class 9/30,11/11, 11/25

Sunday 9/17-12/3 no class 11/12, 11/26

Monday 9/18 –11/20

Tuesday 9/19-12/5, no class 10/31, 11/7

Wednesday 9/20-11/29, no class 11/22

Why Play is so Important

Children Teach Themselves Through Play

Please enjoy this information on Play and why it is so important. One of Music Together®'s main components is that children learn from play. This is why our classes have a  loosely structured format to allow children to explore and express freely. It is also why the caregiver as role model (play modeler) is so crucial to their learning.